Luke Whitney


This Is My Story


I am extremely grateful that I have been blessed with the gift of music. The love and a passion I feel for music was passed down to me from my parents. Not only them, but damn near everybody in my family sings as well, except maybe my youngest sister Maci. She didn’t get the singing gene. I was a year younger than Maci is right now (11) when I lost my 16 year old sister in a car accident. On February 15, 2001 Kara Beth Whitney was called home. It was then that I began playing the guitar, literally an “instrument” for me to work through that really difficult time in my family’s life.

Shortly before I picked up a guitar, in the 1999-2000 period is about the time I started experimenting rapping on beats that my cousin Zach (Zizzy) wrote and arranged on GarageBand. I shortly thereafter became known as “Louie G.”, which some people still call me to this day. I eventually moved to Beaumont, TX in 2002 and we continued to work together until 2009, when I was signed to an independently owned Record Label called Swink Music Group with Zach producing the music. We released 5 singles and some pretty awesome content, but it didn’t take off.  I did shows as “Louie G” until 2013. In that span of thirteen years I made a whole lot of mistakes, but I eventually grew up. My music style evolved and grew also, I found myself, my niche, my style… Unfortunately I never found the three laptops that were stolen from me, but that has been charged to the game. Live and learn right?

In September of 2014, I moved away from Beaumont, TX to Nashville, TN to pursue my music career with Zizzy. One thing after the other happened, I had a few shows and made some good music, but before you know it, in June of 2015 I made the decision to move to Austin, Texas. I'm definitely going to do my part to help keep Austin “weird”. I’m here now working with Patrick Scott and really excited to reveal some interesting music I have been working on for the past couple of years. I sincerely appreciate everyone checking this out and everyone that has stayed down.

Much love.

— Luke —




Covers - Part I

by Luke Whitney